We are always looking for the very best technology to improve our patient care.  3D printing is the last piece of our trio of 3D technologies that we use (in addition to 3D X-rays and 3D optical scanning of your teeth).  All of these technologies allow us to provide the very best orthodontic treatment to our patients.

Being able to 3D print in our office, eliminates the slow process of sending 3D scans out to a lab to print and then having to ship the models back to our office.  Now, we can print them quickly in office.  We then take those printed 3D models and give them to our patients so if anything happens to your retainer, you can bring your model back and we can make you a new retainer quickly.  Prior to this, retainers were made on stone models that were only durable enough to make one retainer and a new impression or scan was required for each new retainer.

Printing models allows us to eliminate the vast majority of impressions in our office, which people are always grateful for.

Finally, the improved accuracy of the printed models vs. stone models creates a better fit to hold your teeth in place. This allows you to maintain that beautiful smile that you worked so hard for.