Our practice offers diode soft-tissue laser treatment to painlessly remove gum tissue. It is primarily used to uncover teeth that are partially or fully impacted, thus allowing a bracket or band to be placed and treatment to be expedited.  This procedure is also known as a canine (cuspid) exposure.  In the past,  patients would have to be referred to the oral surgeon to perform the canine exposure with a scalpel blade, however, with the precision of the soft-tissue laser we can remove excess gum tissue without any bleeding and shots rarely have to be given.  If the tooth is severely impacted then a visit to the oral surgeon will still be needed.

The laser works by emitting concentrated energy in the form of a light beam. This beam vaporizes matter. The dental laser delivers a narrow beam which vaporizes only a specific number of cell layers that are contacted by the laser beam. This gives the operator precise control over the laser. The dental laser has the advantage of not creating unwanted surgical effects. The laser stops bleeding and greatly reduces the post-operative inflammation and associated discomfort.

The procedure consists of placing a topical anesthetic (numbing gel), rinsing and drying the tissue, and then painlessly removing the unwanted gum tissue. The edges of the treated tissue discolor but return to a normal appearance in a couple of days.